Scroll bar in a Picture Box

Hi all, Is there anyway to put a scroll bar in a Picture Box? The picture I imported into the Item Card is way too big and I can only see a small portion of it.

Never seen a solution for this

Hi, Did you think about using an external program to launch your file? For example, if you are in Windows and you have a viewer installed on the client, you could use a code like this: SHELL('C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 5.0\Photoshp.exe ' + 'MyFile.BMP'); Maybe you could also use automation.

Are your pictures bigger or smaller than the user’s screen?

I have had to handle product images a couple of times and have used two solutions. 1) As David suggested use an external application. I have written a little Visual Basic picture viewer which can be put in the Navision client directory so it is always there and you are not dependent on having another application installed. I always leave the standard picture import so the image is stored in the Navision database and then export the image to a temporary file in the temp directory (use ENVIRON to get the path of this), shell to the viewer to display the image and then delete the temporary file afterwards. 2) If you really want to view the image in Navision then resize all the images on import to make sure they are a standard size that display OK. Again the resize of the image can be achieved with a simple VB App to shell to.

Hi Why not just use HYPERLINK(‘X:\Path\MyFile.ext’); The associated program will automatically start. Regards, Steen

Hello Patrick, Soon we will be releasing a new product called “Picture Viewer”. This product is based on our newly developed technologie called the “Embedded Controls for Navision” technologie. This technologie means that you can embed custom controls (yes, OCX controls) onto navision forms. This Picture Viewer provides scrolling and zooming capabilities. We hope the DEMO product is available in the download section within 1 month. Regards, Jan-Pieter

Hi Jan-Pieter


“Embedded Controls for Navision”

Is it an open technic ? Or have I to licence it ? If open, how it works ? I have some ideas to use “userdefined”-controls in navision but never could realize it

Pardon my ignorance, but aren’t embedded controls (user defined OCX) supposed to work in Navision forms, beginning with 3.60, anyways? [:I] I think I read something about this, but my brain could just as well be making this up…[:D]

Hello Hans, I’m sorry the techic isn’t open. It did take months to develop the technic and several implementations of the technic. You will need a license to upgrade your demo version. But then you don’t buy the technologie but the implementation of the technologie. (like charts, pictureviewer, sliders and in the future maybe a gantt chart) Hello Heinz, No Navision is still limited for using it’s own set of controls. Navision only supports non visual OCX. And it doesn’t seem like the next versions of navision will be supporting custom controls in the near future. Regards, Jan-Pieter

What I am looking for is a Navision-bound free formating editor for comments. I Know that there is a donload and we have testet it but our users don’t like. These solution was to slow and you can not set linebreaks

The solution you have downloaded isn’t based on the “embedded controls” technique. The editors i know don’t work on navision forms. You couldn’t embed a memo editor because navision behavoir is that it always draws away the cursor focus to one of it’s own controls. This means that you can’t put an Embedded memo box on a control as when you click in it navision immidiatly puts the control in one of its own text boxes. Linebreaks however i think are possible but don’t ask me how … So you must develop sulotions with automation outside navision (that look prety :). Regards, Jan-Pieter