Scrap in received TRN Order

Dear Colleges,

I have TRN Order for item qty 67 pieces, when receive the order i entered (66 recived ) and ( 1 scrapped ) .

The order received now, but i don’t find the cost amount transaction for the scrap transaction .

It has not put a value on the scrap inventory account, and now has a defect values warehouse Compared with GL.

I want to know the account that has been registered by the Scrap .

Please help

TRN = Transfer? You cannot scrap a transfer. You can only scrap a production order, and then it will either post to a scrap account or spread the cost across all produced items, or post to variance depending upon your setup and costing method.

Yes, Transfer order Scrap, please see to attach below :

I don’t remember seeing that field in transfer order, isn’t a customization ?

It used to be linked to a localization (Indian or Russian). I can see it now in AX2012.

On your sold line you have a cost of 385/.59 - check the ledger tab and see where it went!