Scrap and Production Journal


  1. Is there a way to setup scrap types and consume raw material against each scrap type against production orders?

Appreciate if you can share few ideas

  1. For Different Types of Scrap, I would suggest you to use Reason code field to identify the type of scarp.

  2. Yes it is possible to consume raw material through the production journal, production journal is for the purpose to record consumption and output. Production journal is for each line on the production order, and different production journals should be posted for each of the production lines.


Thanks Rajib…

Is there any way to consume raw material against a whole Prod.Order without selecting any lines.

Reason being that for an example if we use raw material for machine setups etc we can’t consume it against production order lines as this will increase the unit cost of the items. Our client wants to capture this separately

U can try auto-flushing as if u use production journal it will show u all the lines i.e. to be consumed and output. If u use flushing for RM, that too “forward”, by the time u open Production Journal for anything, item will be consumed.

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