Scheduling Table Optimizer

Hi I am using Navision 3.7 and am using the standard batch scheduler to schedule a number of jobs. It now has become apparent because of the zise and growth rate of the database (38GB in 12 months) using SQL 2000 as the back end, that i need to start finding a way to schedule the Table optimizer for all tables on a weekly basis. How do i go about this as I have tried to Ctrl+F2 on that form and nothing happens as it sits outside of Navision development access? Thank you Roy Wyatt

Look at this thing: Maybe this is what you’re looking for … But nevertheless, this is what the Optimization does:


Optimize To start the optimization process, which performs two functions: For each Navision table, the SQL Server indexes, other than the primary key, are rebuilt to optimize their layout and usage. For each SIFT structure, any entries that contain zero values in all numeric fields are removed. The removal of these redundant entries will free space and provide more efficient updating and summing of SIFT information.

So, you could also use some SQL functions to optimize the tables, like DBCC DBREINDEX, DBCC INDEXDEFRAG and others … you could create scripts and run them via SQL Server Agent as Job … Regards,