Scheduling Sub-Production orders

Hi, I currently have a configured item that creates a Main Production order that has 10 Sub-Production orders (the 10 Sub-Production orders make up the FG item, think of them as work centers on a production line).

Every time the FG item is configured, a configuration, BOM, and Route is configured to match they selections made in the product configuration model. The route for this FG item is used more for online/offline dates and has 10 operations that I can use to reference my sub-production orders as being consumed in the operation I select, thus giving my sub-production orders start/stop dates/times (using operations scheduling for all prod orders).

When I use “schedule backwards from schedule date” I can get all the dates/times to pull in correctly on the Main and all Sub-Production Orders as the Sub-Production orders are looking at when Operation “x” needs to start and assigns that start date/time as the finish time for the Sub-Production order.

The problem is, we need to be able to use “schedule forward from schedule date” for the main Prod Order, but when we do this is pushes all the start dates/times for all sub-production orders all the way to the left mimic’ing the Main orders start date/time.

Capacity is unlimited as this is a very basic production process.

So my question is, Can I schedule the Main Production Order using the “Forward from Schedule date” but have all Sub-Production orders act like I selected “backward from Schedule date”?

The original post might be a bit confusing. I am just needing to know if there is a way to schedule forward for the Main Production Order but schedule backwards for the sub-production orders (which are Pegged Supply items on the Main BOM).