Scheduling an automatic backup

I was wondering if there a way to schedule a company backup in Navision using macro or command line tools. I do understand there is exandit backup but I was wonder if there is a free tool that does the same thing?

I recommend You to upgrade Your C/SIDE to at least 3.10 and use Hotcopy.exe which comes along with the installation of the server. Hotcopy makes copies of Your database files even when You have users running Navision. It’s very stable. No problem at all, and Your restore will e faster since hotcopy makes fdb-files, not fbk-files. If You don’t want to upgrade Your C/SIDE then it’s Expandit’s backup tool You should use. Rgds //Lars

Hotcopy + winrar for compressing the .fdb file after being copied works fine…

Just watch up with winrar if You run the process on the same server as Your Navision server. Winrar can take a lot of CPU when compressing large files. //Lars