Scheduled reports

Hi, Is there anyone out in userland who has done any work with scheduling reports to run to e-mail, as well as to a printer ?

Seems to me to be a task that’s going beyond user-action. But to reply your question: yes, we’ve done that for one of our clients. To get it done, we needed a PDF Printer to automate the creation of the electronic version of the report; developed a DLL to be able to e-mail without using a special e-mail program (direct output to WinSock); had to create a couple of tables for storing the email-to (and CC) addresses, locations for the bodytext messages and other setup things; and created Stored Procedures on the SQL server which are called from the SQL Server Scheduler at regular intervals (urgent messages every 10 minutes, others every 4 hours). And of course a couple of routines in NF (2.5 SQL) to collect the data, find the directories, set filenames, etc. All in all, certainly not an easy task - believe that even most NSC’s would say “no” when asked if they could do it for you. John

That sounds like a complicated answer… why wouldnt you just use a session of Navision to schedule running the reports, and then attaching them to emails itself and then sending them off. Going through all that development outside of Navision sounds like a lot of work for no reason. Craig Bradney Project Manager - Technical Navision Solutions & Services Deloitte Growth Solutions Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu P:+61-2-9322-7796 F:+61-2-9322-7502

Craig, Yes, it is a complicated solution, but neccessary in this case. In fact, the whole particular NF installation at this client is extremely complicated in all aspects, yet it shows the extreme flexibility of NF (2.5 SQL in this case) nicely. To name just a few unusual things: - Automatic replication of Customer data from SAP system at the company’s headoffice in Paris (France) - Automatic replication of Ship-to addresses from an Oracle database in Houston (USA) - Automatic capture of transactions from large-scale Oracle based website at The Hague (The Netherlands) - Automatic processing of these transactions into shipments/invoices for different Billing Companies (counting 15 of these at the moment…), whereby tons of rules apply due to worldwide shipping (think of import regulations, certificates, taxes, etc). - Automated order input from Excel spreadsheets upload - Automatically generated e-mail messages to finance centers all over the world (order approval), automatically generated e-mails with shipping docs in PDF format for batch shipments by third party shippers, automatically generated e-mails to other order-processing locations - Automated uploads of financial reports, based on a 2nd G/L account system, to AS400 system at headoffice - Automated Direct Debeting (payment instructions) through Chase bank system - Worldwide access to expanded Customer Information (to set the rules for each customer and/or country) through Citrix Metaframe (both web-access and WAN access) - Remote access order processing through Citrix connection The system is specified for processing some 100.000 orders per year… Now you may understand why the automated e-mailing was taken out of Navision :slight_smile: John