schedule MRP/MPS run as a background job

I want to schedule MRP/MPS run as a background job. Is it possible or we have to run online? Thanks in advance for your replies Dincer

Hi Dinçer, You’re not the only one! But you can forget about it. Navision won’t let you. Or you should schedule it at night with some parameters coded (but then you still need an active client [xx(]). In batchprocessing there’s nothing better than an AS/400 sigh, with which I used to work in my previous job. But, I must admit, Navision has quite a few other goodies that you won’t ever find in a RPG solution! [:D]

Hi Michiel, During MRP run, which functions of Navision we can use? For example, can we modify production forecast, or sales order? If navision lets any modification during MRP run, how can we be sure MRP take consideration these changes?

Hi Dinçer, I’m not a specialist on this subject (only a humble user [;)]). You have to contact your NSC to discuss the details.