Schedule a daily job to run a DataPort object

Please tell me if I am running into a deadend. If I don’t have a Navision Service Module to run a job scheduler (management has no plan to purchase it) AND I don’t use Navision Application Server (company is using Navision clients (version 3.7) connecting to Navision Database Server (SQL)) THEN I have no ways to schedule a daily job to run a DataPort object automatically?

I ran into the same problem I went and purchased an add-on called “LaunchIt”. It works pretty good, You can schedule reports, forms, codeunits etc to be executed at any time using Windows Scheduler. It can run a PC or server. If the client wishes to use up a license running 24/7 then have a form constantly up and running (Clock counting). Then if your variable has 8pm to run and the clock time meetings it. Then Execute the code. You can use a SLEEP command (See C/Side Help for more info.) to can every 5 minutes etc. This way it doesn’t check if 100/sec. (To much CPU used). G.

What is the cost of “LaunchIt”? How can I purchase it if my company agrees? Does your second solution (running a client using SLEEP command) require a purchase of “LaunchIt”?

Try a form that runs the timer property every minute. Have it look for the file that you want to import. If the file is there rename it and import it. This way the dataport will run as often as there is a file to import.

launchit is around $2000.00USD for the second solution using SLEEP you do not need LaunchIT.

To create a form using Sleep command or run a Timer property, do I need to purchase Navision Service Module(job scheduler)?

No, you don’t.