Scanner Automation

Hi, Has anybody got any experience of integrating Navision with scanning equipment ? Ideally, it would be ‘nice’ to have a document sitting in a scanner and the user enters enough data in a Navision field to generate a filename so that Navision can talk to the scanner and tell it to scan the document, saving it with that filename. Thanks in advance, Robin

Twain is allways slow. I would recommend You to look at scanners who can save the document as a file on a server with a filename You specify on the scanner. Then You can import that in Navision and match it to Your document in Navision. Look at HP9100C for example. /Lars

Hi Lars, Thanks for your reply. Could be the perfect answer.[;)] We are doing the process as you mention (which works very well) but I am trying to gently ‘persuade’ somebody that there will not be much reward in trying to automate this process. Thanks Robin

You might take a look at the ISIS based tools for higher speed scanners available from PixTran at Quickscan is one that caught my eye when doing some research for a client with a similar question a few months ago. I also did some research into scanners and, in addition to the HP products, got good reports on Fujitsu and Kodak products. Good luck with your project.

When scanning documents — process is the key (scanners are somewhat commoditized — why not use your digital copier? No new equipment!). For scanning to provide value, the capture process needs to be fast and simple. Scanning documents, renaming them and importing into Navision is a long, arduous and error prone process. Users hate it! To learn more about a better approach… Ask for a demo or email Good luck. MBS ISV