SaveAsExcel/PDF Buttons in Report - NAV 2009

Maybe I am blinded but where are the properties to show the “SaveAs” Buttons for Excel and PDF in new NAV 2009 Report Layout?

when you print preview the report. On top you will see the button to save as pdf or excel.

Yes i know, but I build a new Order Report (with new layout) as a copy from the classic one and when preview it there aren’t these buttons!

I have noticed that even in some of the base (non-customised) reports, this Save to Excel/ PDF option is not there.

For example in Work Order report this option is there, but whereas in Order Confirmation it is not available.

Screenshot for those are attached here.

1447.DUG2.bmp (574 KB)

3681.DUG1.bmp (750 KB)

Could have something to do with PrintPreview function being used in the report? Just a hunch.


Any possible solution for this?

After getting the problem again I found the solution via this mibuso thread . Search for alle uses of CurrReport.PREVIEW and kill them :slight_smile: