save contact info

Hi Guyz,

Would anybody know how to automatically save an info doing this steps:

  1. Go to Accounts Payable Module > Vendor Details Form, then select a vendor
  2. Move to Contact information tab (make sure you’re on Simple contact info view/mode)
  3. Input email add info into a newly created field, then hit Save
  4. Switch now to Advanced contact info view/mode (Setup button > Advanced contact info)
  5. This is the part where it should automatically create a line for the new email field I’ve just created, but unfortunately, it isn’t working… :frowning: Any ideas?

I’ve already done/created the following:

  • Created a new Extended Data Type (specific for ‘Email2’ use)

  • Created a new field on VendTable (specific for ‘Email2’ use)

  • Added a BaseEnum on DirSystemECommunicationType (‘Email2’)

  • Mapped newly created field ‘Email2’ to DirECommunicationMap > Mappings > VendTable

  • Modified initCommInfoFromDirParty method of DirECommunicationMap Map

  • Modified initFromDirECommunicationAddress method of DirParty Class

  • Modified classDeclaration, initFromDirECommunicationMap methods of DirPartyECommunication Class

  • Created new method ‘parmEmail2’ to DirPartyCommunication Class

  • Modified initFromDirParty method of DirECommunicationAddress Table

  • Modified systemType2MethodType method of DirECommunicationTypeTable Table

  • Modified getOrgContactInfo method of DirPartyInternalOrganizationTable Table

  • Added created ‘Email2’ field on Vendor Details form

  • Created a new TypeId under DirECommunicationTypeTable table

I very much appreciate any help…

Thank you very much… :slight_smile:

you want to save the infolog message only in this case or overall.

Hi Vikas,

I want to save the value (email add) on the my newly created field (under VendTable - shown on Simple contact info Mode) and when I switch to the Advanced contact info, it will automatically create a new line in there (assuming a new Communication Method was also been created specific for that new field).

Save new field ‘Email2’ value on VendTable Table (Simple contact mode) and save value on DirECommunicationAddress Table (Advanced contact mode)

Thank you very much… :slight_smile:

So what you are saying is that you have created a new field in simple contact info and when the user fills in that field that value should be stored in advanced contact info.

So what you are saying is that you have created a new field in simple contact info and when the user fills in that field that value should be stored in advanced contact info.

is that so ?

If not then share the xpo so that i can find out what the matter.

Yes Vikas. That’s it…


If i understood you correctly, you added a field to the vendTable and when some value is entered into that, it should automatically create a contact with that entered email.

I don’t think what are all the thing you have done really needed for that, you just need to create a contact automatically and do some validation before creating a contact.

Does changing your current email id is creating a record in contacts, then why do you need that in case of your newly added field?

If you want, you can put some code to automatically create a contact, when some value is entered into your field.

static void createContact(Args _args)

AxContactPerson axContactPerson = AxContactPerson::newValidateInput();
VendTable vendTable;

select firstonly vendTable;// for example

axContactPerson.parmName(‘Test’);// for example