Save a report in pdf format

I request for help. I want to write code that when I preview a report. I click on a button and save that report as a PDF filE.

Am using navision 5.0

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You can install BullZip PDF Printer and set it as Default Printer to Save the report in PDF format

Limitation : This program is FREEWARE with limitations, which means that it is FREE for personal and commercial use up to 10 users


Kindly look into follwoing post

Bullzip PDF printers allows you to writ PDF document from virtually through windows application. It has quality settings, document properties and provides a watermark text,size and transparency. It is very easy to save a report in PDF format.

I will suggest Install PDFcreator and u can take printout in PDF format

As PDFcreator installed as Printer.


Bullzip also installed as Printer and you can take printout in PDF format…

Thanks Mohana for information.

Hi All! This is an old post that I have found very useful. My problem was to actually generate invoices for about 200 foreign clients and their local representatives (in the cc) which must be sent by email. We have worked on the entire customization of auto-creation of the proformas and now, auto-creation of .pdf invoices in a select folder.

On problem now is the emailing function. I have created this within the feature generating the pdf, so that each pdf is email upon generation. I am however still getting an error: the transport cannot connect to the mail server. This error comes up whether or not I setup SMTP using anonymous or a specific email address.

I have also tried this as a simple report which steps through all related records in the Sales Header table, but obtain the same error.

I will appreciate some help.

This is network related error as your mail server is not getting connected.

What is your SMTP address ? Is it SSL/TLS based?

May I know the exact error message?

and which smtp server are you using?

pdf generator is one way to create and generate as many as pdf documents as you want. you can also take a look at this document software. it has the ability to convert and save to pdf as you wish. i think pdf converter may help you get pdf.

more on pdf .net sdk

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