Sample master-detail report AX 2012 - SSRS


Do anyone knows a blog entry, walkthrought or tutorial about building a simple master-detail report for Ax 2012 with SSRS?

I have to build a very simple report but I dont find the right examples to start quickly.



if you are talking about a really simple report with a datasource that could be definable in an AX query object, than it is pretty much simple and straight forward to create an AX2012 SSRS report for this reason. Take a look at this blog:

Hope this helps!

Thanks! But this example is too easy. I meant an example of how to make a report like a purchase order quotation, a sales invoice but something simple with a head, lines and totals.


Sorry mate, but I am struggling to put together your aforementioned “I have to build a very simple report” with " an example of how to make a sales invoice". You are literally talking about a bicycle and a car… “Sales invoice” ≠ “very simple report”.

If you have a “simple report” on your mind for which you cannot even define an AX query as datasource, then there is no way you can call such report as “simple”. Keep in mind that AX queries are actually very powerful - you can use queries in queries, views in queries, tables in queries and in the end you can even mix all thins up by using all sources in one master query, which can be used as a datasource for your report. You can even use table display methods in SSRS to output some values or to alter the design of the report dynamically depending on those values provided by display methods.

This document might of an interest to you:

And in the end - lot of people actually do not understand that there is almost no better source for learning AX as the AX itself. In AX2012 you got hundreds of SSRS reports - pick one and try to understand how is it built :slight_smile:


Thanks! I think this document would be helpful.

Yes I know that the sales invoice is a very complex report. I meant only about a sample report with a head, lines and some summaries. Do you recomend any book or tutorial for learning how to format a report using the Visual Studio 2010 report designer?


The good news is, that you can use almost whichever the learning source about SSRS (I mean non-AX) design formating, about writing SSRS expressions and so on… if you happen to come accross some specific SSRS design issue with your report design - you don’t have to google for the problem along with an “AX” keyword, because SSRS has been out there as a stand alone tool for quite a long time and there are plenty of documents, forums and blogs where people discuss SSRS and share tips and tricks. It has happened to me already at least twice that I managed to find an answer for a couple of SSRS issues in non-AX SSRS forums.

Sorry, can’t help you one specific learning source, I grabbed most of my AX-SSRS knowledge from existing AX reports, but for specific problems I just googled and looked up in different sources which had a reasonable information on my problem.


Now the picture is clear. One time I have the datasource for the report ready I should concentrate on the SSRS tools that Visual Studio have to make the proper formatting.