Same warehouse codes and names between # sites


I used same code and names but I do see some errors when doing a transaction. I would like to confirm that we can do that in AX right?? Thanks

So you are using same warehouse code across sites?

warehouse - 11 site - 1

warehouse - 11 site - 2

That is not allowed, warehouse code is unique across the sites.

That stange because the system allows me to create those same codes warehouses. Why ?

It will not allow you to create. How the data is being inserted?

I was able to create them by going inside the site

I would say you have a customization in place.

If you try to do this in Contoso you will receive the message “Site ‘2’ can not be connected to warehouse ‘11’, since the warehouse has already been used in connection with site ‘1’.”

However you have not said the version you have tried this on :slight_smile:

  1. version is: AX 2012 R2 w/ CU6 and I can say that it is not a customize version. I’m just trying to setup the system .

Sorry Guys!! In fact I use the same warehouse code across different companies ( in my case only one site per company).

So it’s OK.Thanks anyway[:)]

Hiii I am also facing similar problem. When i am connecting warehouse X to Site Z. System throws an Error as "Site can not be connected to warehouse X , since the warehouse has already been used in connection with site Y ". I have deleted this old connection of Warehouse X to Site Y. Please let me know ASAP. thank you.

Are you trying to change the site on warehouse? In that case, it will also check if there is an inventory dimension id with that old site and warehouse combination.