Same serial number even Serial number control enabled

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Setup : Created a new Tracking Dimension - Batch - Serial

In the Tracking Dimension form - I activated Serial number control for serial number.

Created the two new number series for the batch number and serial number and assigned the new number series of Batch and Serial in the Manage tab of item .

In the number group selected the on inventory transactions update .

Created the new purchase order with Qty @ 5 and click on registration , but for 5 pcs system generated one batch number and serial number .

When i click on the split in the registration form then it is taking same serial number for the new line .

I am expecting for system should generate the serial number series like ABC-1000", “ABC-1002” etc.

i am not understanding what would be wrong ?

Assignment of Serial numbers will be based on your number sequence groups setting.(Serial number control check box no way related during this, only during posting system checks whether a new serial number is being used).

In your number seuqnece group that you created, Set the “Per Qty” field as 1. Then you will see 5 different serial numbers for the 5 quantity.

Thanks Santosh,

You are right , now system creates the different serial numbers.

I have one more question , in the PO - Update line - Registration - Registration form , we have the functionality called create serial numbers .

When we use this functionality ?

Create serial numbers function can be used may be when you are using the manual serial number procedure.

Ex: Suppose for an item you have selected “Serial number controlled” for an item but you didn’t attach the number group because you will get the serial numbers from your supplier. When you get the stock then you will register the items with serial numbers.

Let’s say you ordered 100 qty, then you will need to assign 100 serial number which cant be manually done. Suppose supplier gave you the serial “SNUM-001 to SNUM-100” and you need to register it.

then use Create serial numbers functionality. specify the format as “SNUM-###”. Also fill the from as 1 and to as 100.

Hope you will verify the solution, so that people can consider that the thread is closed.

Thank you for the reply santosh ,

I have more scenerio like purchase order created against the X item with the qty @ 5 pcs. Vendor send the 5 pcs with two batch numbers and 5 different serial numbers


Total Qty - 5 Pcs

Batch 1 - Serial 1 - 1 Pcs

Batch 1 - Serial 2 -1 Pcs

Batch 2 - Serial 3 - 1 Pcs

Batch 2 - Serial 4 - 1 Pcs

Batch 2 - Serial 5 - 1 Pcs

In the PO line we can enter the one batch number only ,but Where we have the option to enter the batch numbers manually in the registration form ( in the registration form Batch number field is non editable) ?

Thanks in advance.

click the “Auto create button”, then you will see the lines in “Lower grid” where you can enter the “Batch number”.

Thanks Santosh .

Hi Santosh,

I am facing one problem, user has register the purchase line items with serial number but there was mistake, I want to un register or remove from register status.

I tried to un register or delete but its not possible by functionality wise. Could you please advise solution.

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Go to the purchase line and “Update Line” and registration. Select the “Auto Create” on the registered line and it will populate the bottom half with a negative quantity, press post all and the line goes back to “Ordered” status.