Same item sold to same customer but with different ship-to address and different selling price


I have an issue with items and special prices in Nav. My company normally sells item A to customer 1 in pounds but an office in Europe needs to order item A in kilograms and the price can’t be converted using the pound to kilogram conversion. My company need to set different prices for the same item and the same customer but for different shipping addresses – which I believe Nav doesn’t do by default.

I thought we could create a separate customer called “customer 1 Europe”, setup tier pricing, and under the invoicing fasttab make the customer “customer 1” to use that company’s invoice info.

We ran into a problem because Nav uses the bill-to customer when determining sales order prices so even though we have tier pricing set for “customer 1 Europe” and the sales order is for “customer 1 Europe” Nav is looking at the prices for “customer 1”.

I tried using a customer price group but the bill-to customer still takes priority.

After talking with our consultants they gave us a few options:

  1. Don’t link customer 1 Europe. Downside for reporting is both customers show up separate and the users have to remember to aggregate them when looking at sales data.
  2. Setup a kilogram price for customer 1 and use the Get Price… function on the sales order line. I don’t think this is tenable because the possibility that customer 1 and customer 1 Europe both begin ordering in KG and at different prices.
  3. Modify the codeunit to have the sales order pull in the sales prices for the ship-to customer rather than the bill-to. Downside is we have to enter special pricing for ALL customers that use this parent/child relationship.

Does anyone know of a best practice in this situation?

Thanks for any help you can give.

I know its a few years since I worked as a consultant, but I was actually convinced that it would be using the “Sell-to Customer No.” already. But I see you are right! It goes beyond my understanding why it would be so… Unless of course you wanted to use it for having the same price for all customers under the same bill-to number.

Then I thought about using two different price groups, and assign a different each of your two customers? But again the “Customer Price Group” is also assigned from the “Bill-To Customer No.”, like anything else price related.

And I guess that you have already looked at just setting up different price for different unit of measure manually?

Do you mean setting up a second kilogram unit of measure called “KG customer 1 Europe” and assign tier prices under this new uom? That was another suggestion I got recently although I am now leaning towards using item variants to not clutter our list of uoms.

We haven’t used variants at all and I was thinking of adding a “Europe” variant to item 1 and then setting up tier pricing for this variant. In effect, I would be using variant as a substitue for ship-to address. And since variant is on the tier price page I can come close to my goal of setting price by item, customer, and variant (less useful than ship-to address but should still work).

Only additional work for the users entering sales orders is to select a variant code but I don’t think it will be too much of a bother for them.

Thanks for your suggestions Erik!