Same Invoice no.

I have created one sale invoice no 1156 & want to do some modification & would like the invoice no. to be same i.e. 1156. Please let me know the procedures.

Do you want the posted invoice to have the same No as the unposted? Go to “Sales & Receivables Setup”, tab Numbering; set “Invoice Nos” to same numbersequence as “Posted Invoice Nos”. Only invoices created after this change will be affected.

It is not possible to have two posted invoices with the same number in Navision.

You need at least to put some additional code (like 1156-1) to it in order to write it back.

Posted documents are by design not intended to be changed by an end user.

Please explain more detailed what your intention is. What kind of modifications and why ?

Please be noted the followings :—

  1. Created a invoice & post that invoice. The invoice no. was 1156

  2. Next day I found that the invoice was posted wrong. Please be noted during that period I prepared more invoices.

  3. I went to the credit memo option & wanted to reverse the entries. Please be noted that I want the invoice no. should be 1156.

  4. Even after givin the the invoice no as 1156… the system stills shows error mesage “Sales shipment header no 1156 already exist”

Please guide.

It is not possible to have more that one posted invoice with the same number.

And posted invoices can not be corrected.

So sorry, but there is no way you can keep the original number if you make a mistake you have to make a credit and then a new invoice with new number.

Which is a generally accepted way of doing things from an audit point of view.

Navision is developed based on Best Business Practice, so things like duplicating invoice number is a big no-no.

Even if you were to recreate the invoice using the same invoice number, you will not get the proper ledger entries when you navigate on that invoice.

My suggestion to you is to create a separate invoice and make a notation on the Posting Descrption so the A/R staff can apply the invoice properly.

I’ve seen similar request several times before. And yes it’s not possible and should never be done. I doubt that your government would approve that.

But I can suggest two alternatives:

  1. When you create the new invoice instead of using the exact same number then add an A or B to the number, ex. 12345 becomes 12345B.
    This option is not allowed in all countries, as most countries want you to use consecutive numbers.
  2. If this is something that happens very often, then an alternative is that you wait to post the invoice till you’re sure it’s alright and instead prints the unposted invoice.
    This is also not really a good option, but it’s there…

Or you can create a sales document manually and print off of that to look like the original invoice. Then do the proper adjustments on the related entries so there’s minimal confusion when the customers pays you.