Salesorder Form changes


In salesorder form I’ve mentioned sales status in colors

In that mentioned area, I need to mention the color for the status

like red-canceled

Green- Invoiced

As we will indicate in charts, How should I do that?



Like this…

Not clear, do you want to show a chart in the yellow marked area in that form?

Not an chart, Kranthi.
In chart they mentioned as which color for which year, right…
Like that in salesorder form I want to show box with red as canceled, green box- Invoiced…

You can add string edit controls, set the status as label and change the back ground and foreground color properties to the required color. You also need to set the colorScheme property to RGB.


when we add a stringedit control the cursor is appearing there, Kranthi…

When I add a static text, Canceled label is showing inside the box…

Set allow edit to No and skip to Yes.

Is there any possible to remove the cursor?

Set Enabled property to No.