Sales Tax Software for NAV

I am looking for recommendations on sales tax software that builds into NAV. We are currently running Avalara Avatax, but believe me it is horrible and there tech support returns a call about a week after you call them. We have to charge state sales tax in all US states that charge tax. Please let me know of any solution that works good for you. Thanks for your responses.

Hi, the US version of Nav has US Sales Tax as standard and is fairly straight forward to use, whats wrong with using that


We need to have the sales tax be able to update when they change in locations. States, counties and etc. can change there sales tax at any time and we need to be able to update the sales tax tables monthly. I am looking for any service that I can just download the tables and input them into NAV.

Check out this site,

They create utilities for the sales tax maintainence for Navision. They also release tax rates as they become available.

Of all the sales tax packages, I have allways preffered CCH. Its not perfect, but I would say the best available. The tie in with Navision is not perfect, since its normally based on 5 igit zip code, but that is pretty accurate anyway, there are only a fe towns that break tax down futher than that, and they can be handled manually. The other problem is with Navision Returns if you use a ship to location, these are not done too well, so test that well.

By the way Paul, believe me Sales Tax really is much more complex than VAT. In the UK, you might get one change to the VAT rate for heating oil for pensioners once in ten years. Sales Tax changes by State, by County, by town by city every month. And not just the rates, but even the basic methods of calculation, sometimes is additive tax some time cumulative. And who remembers when Rockland county decided to increase sales tax by 0.005%. Sounds simple, except that Navision only allowed (back then) 2 decimals for sales tax rounding.

Thanks David…do you have a bit more detail on CCH…Paul

Basically CCH have two services, one is they provide a list of all the tax rates, second they can organize payments of taxes to the appropriate authorities.

The list of Tax rates is based on ZIP codes, and is pretty good, though not perfect. They do provide a geo-code, but since that is not often used in Navision, you need to use the Zip code to get a pretty close rate. I have not ha any Navision clients using the tables complain, so I guess they work.

I know they are developing a Navision interface, but I don’t believe that is heading anywhere, so you probably need to develop your own. I have developed interfaces for CCH to Navision before, and we (CCH and I) always get close to agreeing to develop an official add on together, and then all of a sudden someone in the company sees dollar signs decides to do it internally, and it goes by the way side. We first agreed to develop an interface together in 2002 but they still keep thinking that they will do it “in house”.

I have not used the payment services, so can’t comment.

Paul, the site is created by CCH.

Check out the website and it’ll tell you exactly what they do.

On the side note, they seem to took off support for NAV… But you might call them and ask them about it.

Hi David and Alex, thanks a million for your info, I have yahoo’d and the link to and this could well be af great use to my client in Virginia. I will Skype the FD this afternoon and have a long chat with him as they are looking for a method of downloading the tax rates in an automated manner. It maybe overkill for what they want as I know he manually splits out the tax in some cases (especially in the case of Atlanta GA) being one of the more complex Tax Areas. Once again, thanks Guys…Paul

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Yeah… for some reason, he keeps eating and my wife keeps feeding him. [:P]

When he lays out, he’s measuring 2.5 feet.

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Hello Jlatta,

I realize your post is quite old but I was just pointed to this site by one of my colleagues. Sabrix Managed Tax service offers a on-demand sales tax solution for NAV. I’d be happy to set-up a demo and offer references regaridng our excellent customer service.



Realizing this thread is over two years old, I thought I would update everyone on Avalara’s NAV connector. Over the course of the last couple of years we have made significant enahncements and improvements to our connector for NAV and GP. In addition we have launched our connector for AX as well. I have porovided you with a link to a cusomter case study below that shows our recent successes with NAV. We would be happy to discuss with anyone our capabilities of providing the easiest, fastest, most accurate and affordable sales tax solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Users.

Microsoft Dyanmics NAV Avalara Sales Tax

In addition to the above case study, you can watch a Microsoft funded video case study on Avalara. Learn why Microsoft has selected Avalara as the poster child for Software Plus Services.

If you have any additional questions or need more information please contact us by visiting or call us toll free 1-877-780-4848.

Have you guys done anything about the long response time with support?

What is this related to , James???

We have their software and it has been a nightmare to get some issues resolved mainly due to a lack of response. I don’t want to flame anyone on here so I won’t go into detail. I am just trying to get someone else’s attention at their company in the hopes of finding the ‘right’ person to get things done.