Sales Tax Settlement for India Localization in AX 2009.


We have to settle Sales tax for one of our Customer. Can I know how to settle the sales tax for India localization?

For Sales tax issue, we have installed Rollup 8, as our customer is using Ax 2009 RU 6. But after installing RU8, the company localization changed from Brazil, India, China, Thailand to “Israel”. And the existing customizations are also overridden by the installation of RU 8.

From where the Company localization gets popped up in Axapta.

Can anyone kindly suggest how to settle the sales tax for India Localization?

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You obviously installed a wrong GLS layer. Brazil, China etc. is in a different GLS layer than Israel.

Regarding customizations, you’ll have to upgrade your code to work with the new version of the standard code.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for reply.

What do u mean by installed a wrong GLS Layer? Can I know how to install the Rollups?

How it affects in the layer parts?

thank you

There are different GLS layers for different regions - Asia, Eastern Europe, Israel and so on. You said that “the company localization changed from Brazil, India, China, Thailand to Israel”, which means that you have the GLS layer for Israel instead of the one you want.

I have no idea how it happened. Either you did something wrong (we don’t know how you did the installation) or there is a problem with the installer - you should turn to Microsoft in that case.


We are using Ax 2009 SP1 RU6. As we are told that, after installing RU 7 & 8 our sales tax issue will be solved.

But after installing RU 7 & 8 (for India Localization), the company localization has changed from China, India,… to Israel.

For our customer, previously some company has done customizations in GLS layer. Is it affects?

Whenever we goto General ledger > Periodic > SalesTax > Sales Tax Payment, after entering details and clicking OK,

we get error “Cannot select a record from TaxTrans_IN. The record has never been selected”.

Can you suggest anything?

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Customizations in globalization layer? That was a really bad idea from the very beginning. And now if the layer has been overwritten by GLS for Israel, you lost what was there before. You should revert your application back and do the upgrade of application layers again.

Don’t try to use the environment - it can’t work with wrong layers and you could corrupt your data.