Sales tax groups have not been specified while posting the Journals

Dear All,

We’ve posted a large number of transactions through journals, for which we somehow missed out specifying the tax groups and thus Sales tax has not been posted for the same.

As they are huge in number, we are not opting to reverse the journals and re-post them all.

Any suggestions from experts…?

Experts, Thinking of inserting the data from the backend into Taxtable and TaxTrans table. Any suggestions?

Hi Santosh,

I will suggest you to reverse the entries and post again. This is so because of following points:

  1. If adjustment entry needs to be posted then probably you will be posting entry AP Cr to Tax Payable. Now in future when you settle the transactions during payment then that will be difficult to select the invoice.

  2. Inserting data in tax trans will be difficult (as i think so) as we have to enter amount origin and tax calculated.

  3. If TDS or withholding tax is being calculated then you need to update separately for withholdingtax transactions, particularly if indian localization is involved.

  4. There might be some reports related issue also.

There can be other issues also which is difficult to forsee… like if AX is core financial system then there can be audit related issues also.


Thanks for the reply Pranav, After analysing the complexity, we didn’t dare to update the tax trans as we are seeing lot of other conflicts too.

So, going ahead with standard way of “reversing the entry and re posting”. Thanks once again.

Hi Santosh,

I forgot to update another issues and the biggest one also. AX 2012 passes rec id as reference in many tables. I was analyzing the issues for some other way round and found this.

So going by standard is the best way.

Good Luck.