Sales Shipment Printing Issue

I am using Navision Version 5 and would like to know if anyone can tell me how you can set Navision to print 2 copies of a sales shipment note when you are posting a sales order. Currently we have to either copy the note or go to history and print it again.

Many thanks

Hi Rob & Welcome to Dynamics User Group,

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Regarding you query, while printing the report, in the Options tab, in No. of Copies specify 1 and then it will print 2 copies for you.


Many thanks for your reply, as you can see i’m brand new to forums so this is all new to me.

Noted your comments and will try this now.

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Hi Dhan Raj Bansal,

I am looking at Navision now and there is no option to allow me to set the number of copies to print as 1.

When I post a sales shipment it goes straight to print and does not give any options.

When I look under the tools/options menu it gives me a menu like this, is this the option menu you spoke about?

Option Value
Object Cache (KB) <32000>
TempFilePath <C:\Documents and Settings\rob\Local Settings\temp>
Status Bar
Close Forms On Esc
Marquee Full Selection
Quick Find
Max. no. of XML records to send <5000>

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Hi Rob,

It seems you are using “Post & Print”, whereas I thought you print the report from Print.

In that case, you can print it from Posted Documents, and while printing, the screen having Preview , Print buttons will have Options as a tab on the top, in that you can specify the no. of copies to be printed.

Thanks, I do this already. I was wondering if there is any way I could set this up so it automatically prints 2 copies of the sales shipment when I use post and print?

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Go into “Sales & Marketing” → Order Processing" → Setup → “Report Selections - Sales”. Select Usage=Shipment; add a line below, similar to the current one…


you could have a small modification in the Report so that 2 copies of the document are always printed.

For example in the InitReport

NoOfCopies := 1;


Thanks Johnathon

Worked a treat.