Sales Quote - making a sales quote for an Item that does not exist


I’m looking how we could use the Sales Quotes in NAV for making our offers. The core problem we seem to have is, that in reality we offer many items that actually do no exist in the main item table.

I was looking into how nonstock items work as per chapter 3 of Trade in NAV 2009 manual, but this still seem too difficult as we would need to create such nonstock item first.

Is there a way to create sales quote line for a nonexisting item, ie. similar to making a quote to a prospect customer that does not need to have a valid customer card entered?

Ofcourse, should the quote turn to order, all the items offered would need to be created…

No I don’t think it is possible as the standard system is design in such a way that you need to create master first and then you have to use it in Transactions.

Maybe you could use a dummy Item for this?

Alternatively a dummy Nonstock Item or simply a G/L account?

Just change the description, quantity and price as you wish. As you write off cause the Item will have to be created before the Sales Order can be created.