sales quotation from contacts


One my client is asking that he does not want to create as customers for new customersto who is requesting for quote.

because daily they are sending 100 quotations to different people. Out of 100 quotations they will get 10 orders .

In this process they are not ready to create as customer .

is there any another solution to send the quotation from contacts card.

please let me know the solution.

yes , it is possible.

for this u need to do some thing.

  1. create the new contact in contact cad

  2. create the new customer template code in customer template card.

3)) open that contact cad - > contact (menu button) - > system will create the sales quotation with that contact name there u need to select that Customer template code.

  1. in sales quotation line enter the item details .

  2. take the print out.