sales/purchase invoice with zero value


Can anybody help me on how to post a sales/purchase invoice with zero value. These are usually for “sample Items”.

Im trying to post but message is saying that cant leave the Line amount Zero.




According 2 me you should go to Sales & Marketing->sales order.

in sales order document.,in the header portion apply a check on free supply check box

and in sales/purchase invoice select the item and dnt change the actual value.

when you will apply the check it will automatically take zero value in linei.e line discont %age will be 100%

this can be done for sample items or any other free supply

try it and then let us know is it working?

Witch version are you using? I have posted a sales invoice without any value and I didn’t had any problem.

I remember a client once that had a similar issue. They needed to send samples and couldn’t because of this message. Of course when I hunted it down, I found that they told their partner to make a mod to prevent the sale of items with less than a certain markup (something like 10% hard coded in table 37). The partner had merrily just written the code as requested.

Issues like this were behind my rather contoversial blog

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Its definitely a modification, as already David wrote.

In standard NAV you can post SO both with zero price or 100% Line Discount - only G/L Accounts involved change in these two situations.

and this is a mod, too - or Indian localization.

HI !

But i cant see any “FREE SUPPLY” on the header part?


Hi! Nuno…Im using W1 5.0


As Modris said earlier in the post, this is either an IN localised field - so you have to be running it, or it is a modification.

You have a modification in your system, so I would recommend you speak to your partner about it as they would have, probably, implemented it.

hi Mr. Adam,

Thanks. I will ask our IT guy to do it.