Sales, Purchase and Inventory Consolidation

Nav Experts,

Is it possible to consolidate sales, purchase and inventory among multiple companies?

Let say if I want to know total sales or total inventory on particular item in all companies.

Please advice.



You can do Financial consolidations, but you’d have to write customizations to do the things you are looking for. Companies in NAV are designed to exist independently of one another. Even with the Financial Consolidation you are exporting data from existing companies and importing it all into a new one (grouped by dimension / account to save space, though).

As Matt wrote, you may do Financial consolidation, which means only G/L entries are “copied” to Consolidated Company, and even these grouped/summarized. Other Ledgers --as Client, Vendor, Item etc-- are NOT transfered, and it will be very hard work to modify consolidation to include them - bazillion of tables must be involved. Biggest issue will be with respective codes, for example, you may have the same Client in several subsidiaries, but with different Code, and so on. And what to do with Item Codes - especially if you have tenths of thousands of them?

Mechanism like CoA and Dim Values mapping wouldn’t work for these, as every subsidiary has its own subset of Clients, Vendors, etc. Even in standart consolidation only GL Accounts (or mapped accounts) are checked for presence in target CoA, but it easily allows to transfer Dim Values not defined in target company - no checking there, but it at least ought to be a bug…

Instead, you may consider designing cross-company reports - this IS possible, even in Navision report writer, not to speak about third party ones. I don’t know your exact needs, but think about this way, too - maybe it matches your business requirements…

you can consider using NAV BI tools, they allow you to create Cubes that can read from multiple companies.

Thanks for explaining in details.