Sales Proforma Invoice Report name in AOT

hi all,

as am new beginner i couldnt find name of the ssrs report.

i want to know the name of the AX2012 Sales Proforma Invoice SSRS Report name in AOT.

thanx in advance.

it is “SalesInvoice”

Its the same as the normal invoice, i.e. SalesInvoice or SalesInvoice_IN report. The title (such as “Pro forma invoice”) is defined by SalesInvoiceController.documentTitle().

THanks Dasaradh & Thanks Martin Dráb,

Just want some little help more.:

Now the problem is If i want to change some modification in Performa Invoice,

But not in Sales Invoice den Where i have to make that modification.

Because both Sales Invoice report And Performa Invoice, Both report are using same report layout design

The question shouldn’t be “where?” - you already know it.Pro-forma invoice is simply a type of invoice.

You want to know how to do some changes to the design if some fields (such as CustInvoiceJour.Proforma) happen to contain some specific values. The answer depends on what exactly you want to do - you can hide some controls dynamically (by specifying an expression for their Visibility), the data provider (SalesInvoiceDP class) can prepare different data based on some conditions (as it already does) and so on.

Thanks Martin Dráb,

To make the easier way of explanation i want to say the client requires two different reports of different layouts for both “SalesInvoice” And “FroFormaInvoice”. So if i am changing for Sales invoice, its automatically changing for FroFormaInvoice. i want two different design which is client requirement

A simpler way would be to duplicate the SalesInvoice Report and change the logic such that when the ‘Proforma’ menu is selected it prints your new report.

What diffentiates sales invoice and Proforma is the Title which is controlled by the documentTitle() method in the report.

All other information is the same.

Okay, if you want two designs, you can do it. You just have to pass the right design to the controller (e.g. formLetterController.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(SalesInvoice, MyDesign))).