Sales Posting Date

Hi Everyone,

I have one issue about Sales Posting Date. During order entry, the Document Date/Posting Date get populated with the Work Date. A few days later, the order get released and get posted, but the Posted Date did not reflect the Work Date/Current Date of the system, instead showing the Document Date of the Order.I am in the latest cloud version. Pls help. Tks.

Change your Setup in the Sales & Receivables Setup to set the Posting Date to blank. That will force the Users to enter the Posting Date prior to running the Ship or Invoice process.


In Business Central, the Posting Date for a sales document is automatically set to the Work Date at the time of order entry. However, when the order is released and posted, the Posted Date is set to the Document Date of the order. This is the standard behavior in Business Central and cannot be changed.

If you want to ensure that the Posted Date reflects the Work Date/Current Date of the system, you can manually change the Posted Date before posting the document. This can be done by navigating to the Sales Order or Invoice, selecting Actions > Edit, and then updating the Posted Date field with the desired date.

Alternatively, you can create a custom extension that overrides the standard posting behavior and sets the Posted Date to the Work Date/Current Date of the system. This would require knowledge of extension development in Business Central and is not recommended unless you have experience with customizing the system.

Please do not trust the AI. This is a simple setting in the Sales and Receivable Setup page.