Sales Orders to consume Sales Forecast

Hi All,

I am trying to fine-tune our MRP Parameters to get the Sales orders to consume the Sales Forecast. We import the Forecast from an external Forecasting System in weekly buckets, therefore I set up the Reduction keys for weekly 100% consumption and of course I selected the Reduction principle as Purchase/Sales orders on the Master Plan setup.

It works like an angel when there is only one Sales Order enterred for a relevant week, but as soon as there are multiple lines, the Forecast would only get reduced by the last SO quantity.

Has anybody come across such an issue?

What are the coverage settings defined for the item. AX2009 I presume from the description/tag but could you confirm this as it has been re-written for AX2012.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your quick response! You are correct, we are using AX2009. As I went to replicate the problem in the Test system this morning, the problem I described above didn’t happen now, which on one hand is good, but on the other hand it doesn’t fill me with confidence as I have not changed any settings since I last ran the test unsuccessfully.

Coverage is set as follows:

Coverage code: Period
Coverage period: 14 days
Cov. time fence: 100 days
Negative days: 0
Positive days: 0
Explosion time fence: 100 days
Capacity time fence: 100 days
Forecast plan time fence: 100 days
Reduction key: 100% reduction set on weekly intervals (new record every 7th day)
Issue margin: 2 days

You have to set the Reduction principle as Purchase/Sales orders on the Master Plan setup, and in conjunction set the Coverage Group reduction key along the lines of the below, the important point is that records exist for a sufficient number of days ahead.

Hi Adrienn

I cannot see what your Forecast Reduction problem might be from the data supplied, but I am interested in how you are managing to work with Negative days: 0 and Positive days: 0.

I would expect that, although you are nominally using Coverage Code ‘Period’, you will be generating a PO per SO as a result of the Positive days setting; and probably multiple POs per SO if you run MRP frequently, as a result of the Negative days setting. Is this the case?

Is this the case?

Hi Adrienn

Apologies for missing you reply.

@Brian - yes every movement in demand would show a new replenishment with those settings, and presumably a lot of action messages! Try it and see!