Sales Order

Is possible in Ax 2009 to have a automatic importation of sales order?

I have a table that has all the necessary informations to create a sales order. This data comes from a external mobile system.

I created a class that reads from that table and transform it in Ax Sales Order but i would like make this processe automatic.

The only way i found is make a batch of this process. Is there any other way, like run the process always after a insert on the table.

THanks for the help.

If you want to integrate two applications in such a way that an event in an extrenal application triggers an action in AX, you should look at the Application Integration Framework. It already includes a document service for sales orders.

Thank you Martin for the answer.

But to use AIF i will need to make some changes at the mobile software? Or it can be made without any changes on the mobile software?

I can only make changes on the database.

If you want the mobile application to send a message “always after a insert on the table”, and it currently isn’t able to do it, which options do you see? I think you have to either change the application to support such behavior, or change your requirements.

Ok Martin, i understand.