Sales order with safety stock


I’m just new to dynamics AX. Please advise me :slight_smile:

My problem is “I want to create sales order from master plan which does not include safety stock that I’ve set”

For example, Item A

Sales order 100 pcs.

Safety stock 50 pcs.

Time fence 180 days.

But now on-hand is 0 pcs.

So when I run master plan, it suggests to generate 150 pcs. but I just want only 100 pcs.

Is there a way to find the solution?

Thanks you,

Hi Thandorn,

Can you explain why you need to define a safety stock if you do not want Master Planning to keep a safety level of stock in your warehouse?

Change the quantity to 100, but the next run it will tell you to order 50 - as Guy asks - why do you have safety stock set if you are ignoring it (inventory 0 tells us that!)