Sales Order Web service

Hi Guys,

I am trying to create a sales order through AIF service and I also want to display the sales order page on the web from where the sales order need to be created.

I know that creating a sales order through web service is possible.

But I am not sure about displaying the Sales order page from the Web.

Is it possible?

Please advise.



Assuming that you’re talking about AIF document services, the sales order service has also a read operation returning details of a given order.

Next time, please don’t forget to attach a tag with your version of AX (e.g. AX 2012).

Can you please explain a little bit in detail.

I would give you a link to documentation, but you still didn’t tell us which version of AX you’re using…

Hi Martin,

Apologise for the mistake,

I am currently using AX 2012 R3 version. I would also link to have the document for D365 also so that I find the differences between them for better understanding and learning.



Here is some documentation for AX 2012: AIF Document Services.

The difference in D365FO is that these services don’t exist there at all. Instead, you can expose data entities via OData services.

Thanks to your valuable reply.

I have one more query not related to the Web services,

I currently working on the task to update the lastsetttledate for some lines which are missing, but I can’t find from where the field is getting populated or by which class or method it is inserted.

I have checked the Insert method of the vendtrans table but I couldn’t find anything.

Please advise on this.



This question doesn’t belong here. Please create a new thread (with an appropriate title and tags) and explain your problem in detail there.