Sales order - Status - Open Order

Dear All

In particular sales order, the ordered quantity and delivered quantity completed and invoice made.

but Order Status shown in Open Order - I need to changed the order status - invoiced. how to manualy change the order status. Any one please help(what is the method is taken to automaticully closing - in standard)



When all lines are correctly updated the status changes - I guess you are delivering and invoicing this through code then?

Thanks for your reply

Delivery through import text file (update through coding)- invoice through bulk posting. some of the sales orders status changed to Invoiced the same method.

some of the sales orders only open order - any manual closing method available

check the code !!! once

you will get the answer

As suggested your import is not correct. Go to an order you know is wrong, key in a manual line then compare the lines in the aot for differences.