Sales order reminder to deliver

Hi all,

I need to now how could I setup a reminder of the sales order that need to deliver to customer in 48 hours, and then to check if the customer paid 100% or not

You can setup an “Alert” on the Requested Shipment\Receipt dates.

I am not clear with the second one, can you elaborate?

Thanks a lot for yr reply

about the 2nd point mean if the customer paied all amount of sales order then we wantes to auto create the invoice on the exact delivery date to deliver to the customer on his site

If you are invoicing on the dspatched quantities by batch why would the invoice not be generated?

could u provide me with more information

You would actually have to tell us how you invoice first.

How you are making a payment against the sales order without doing an invoice???

we use the prepayment

Hi all

The reminder is working great with the 1st issue thanks a lot for your help

about the 2nd issue we add a reminder on due date field in price/discount tab in SO thyen we add payment to advise the cashier with payment type in case it was a full amount or less/more 50% of SO amount


Mohamed Sobky