Sales Order Reference


i am facing a problem, when i am creating a sales order with different lines item. i create a purchase order with 2 lines of this sales order through Function and Purchase order. mean purchase order is link with Sale order. i made 4 sales order with purchase orders. in one purchase order system is not showing a reference of sale order. others have reference.

Purchase Order detail >> PO >> PO Lines >> other tab >> reference

this reference is coming empty. but sales order is linked with PO. if you have any solution, then kindly give me solution. my email is

Imran Raza

what makes you think it is “linked” when it has no reference?

If there is any inconsistency between the dimension(site/warehouse) in SO and PO, the references will be removed(the marking will be removed), still the sales order header will have reference of purchase order to show that the sales order is the origin of it.

Dear Karanti,

i checked SOF and PO warehouses, 1 case i found. but other SOF and PO have same warehouse. i don’t know what is the problem in refernce

Check teh type on the sales line, where in a true link it will have “direct delivery” and the reference. The warehouse can be the same, but if the user changes the reservation or marking this breaks the link as well.

Dear Karanthi,

i found other PO & SO’s problem. you are great man. thanks.