Sales order line different delivery dates

Hi, I am currently testing the process of a sales order that has multiple delivery dates at line level, I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong but when I run the delivery note for the header date it is printing off all of the order lines, when all it should be doing is printing off the dates specific to that particular date I have selected, also when I am searching for the other dates I have requested on the All sales order screen, they cannot be found. Am I doing anything wrong here? Thanks Natalie

Which version is this? Are you entering the date as the delivery date on the line? Is this Contoso? Which screens are you looking at relating to teh date? The all sales order screen shows header dates, you would need to look at a line screen as your delivery date is at line level.

This is AX 2012

I am entering the delivery date at line level then when I am printing the delivery notes it is just printing the header date when that date differs from the line dates?



There is an option to filter the order lines delivery date wise. You can go to Sales & marketing → Inquiries → Order status → Open sales order line. Then do filter order lines by delivery date fields.

If you are looking this filter option in the delivery note posting level, by default delivery note screen will show all the lines created in the sales order. If you like to see only the date specific order lines, then you have to go for filter option by clicking “Select” button on the top right, then add a new query line where you can choose order lines table → confimed ship date" field and filter date.



Thanks Lixin, very helpful

How do you filter date?


Our delivery date is the field requested receipt date, this date is not appearing on our delivery note & I am not sure I am doing the filtering correctly.

Our delivery date is the field requested receipt date, this date is not appearing on our delivery note & I am not sure I am doing the filtering correctly.


You can filter by “Requested receipt date” as shown in the below link.

Use below operators for any advanced date filter

= < <=



I am re-looking at this process and it isnt working any of the solutions


  1. Sales enter multi line sales order

  2. Each line has different delivery date

  3. Sales want to print delivery notes- all sales orders- filter by receipt date & mode of delivery

  4. Print delivery notes

  5. Only print on the delivery note lines for that receipt date & mode of delivery

  6. Delivery note outstanding for other sales order lines

  7. Print delivery note for next line receipt date & mode of delivery


  1. Print delivery note by receipt date & van

  2. Printing all lines on the sales order

Hope someone can help or tell me if i need any developments done

Thanks a lot …really helpful

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What are they printing delivery notes based upon?

Surely you need to have gone through the picking process first, release sales order picking as an example, this would pick by delivery date, THEN print off delivery notes based upon what has been picked. I am not sure how you are filtering the system to print delivery note by receipt date - can you screen shot your settings?

In summary your issue is you have a sales order with 2 lines with different delivery dates - when you specify a delivery date which would exclude one line the delivery note print is printing both. Is that fair?

Yes you are correct in your summary, do you think this requires development?

My client has decided not to use picking as all stock is made to order and is held in there external manufacturing system

I am currently filtering on the All sales order screen

Receipt date (Delivery date)

Mode of Delivery (Van number) - this is a development field

Once the sales team have filtered on that they use CTRL A to select all and then generate a batch delivery notes for all of those orders, exactly the same process for generating invoices it is done by delivery date and van

hope this makes sense


That screen shows headers and not lines from a stadanrd filter perspective and therefore you are filtering solely on the header receipt date and not the line receipt date you need. Unless you have modified the search criteria to include the sales lines in an advanced filter and then used the receipt date of the line itself your process will not work.

Is this possible to do using the advance filter?

Yes I believe so.

You would need to link the sales lines and then create the filter on the delivery date on this table. Although your selection is on the orders still, not the lines, so the filter will work but I believe your process will fail. In reality you need to look at an order line view and do it from there

this is a requirement from the client so it needs to work, maybe best getting a developer to do it

Thanks for you help :slight_smile:

I have no problem with the requirement per se, but the way you are suggesting to approach it will not give you the end results you need due to the limitations of where you are.