Sales order invoice posting issue


I am facing one issue while posting Invoice for Sales order, it is throwing the error "Insufficient transactions with status picked”.

As per my understanding and with experience this message should pop up while posting Delivery note for sales order. But in my case, it is throwing the error message while doing invoice. There is no Picking requirement set up is enabled in parameters.

While checking out the parameters and other settings, I found one thing that in the General Tab of the Sales orderà Line quantity has no lines. I am not sure what is wrong with this also and missed any set up.

And while testing in another company in the same environment, I did not face any issue and the parameters in both companies are same.

Please suggest me what might be wrong or if I missed something.


Sathish kumar


If you are invoicing the SO without doing a delivery note then it can still throw you the same message.


did you look at Item’s item model group “Picking requirements”?

didn’t understand this well, could you please post some screen shot.

Also, please try to pick the items and see whether you are able to post the invoice.

Hello Santosh,

  1. In Inventory model group, Picking requirements is not enabled. Hence it is not mandatory that item to be selected while delivery.

  2. But user is always posting the Picking list and Picking list registration for each Sales order and then posting Delivery note. And then when he tries to post the invoice error message comes as I said.

Note: Yes. You are correct, if we do not post the Delivery note and try to invoice and system throws the error. But here all the sales orders are Delivery note (Packing slip) posted only.

See the below screen shots.

Screen shot 1:- Packing slip done

Screen shot 2:- Trying to post invoice

I am sorry if you are not able to view the screen shots. Let me know your feedback on this.


Sathish kumar

Can you post a screen shot of the picking list and packing slip quantities - if these are not the full amount or you are not invoicing based on delivery note this can cause the message.

Hello AdamRoue,

Thanks for reply.

I am sharing the below screen shots for your reference.

Posting invoice

Packing slip

Picking list-Lines tab

Sales order lines

Picking list


Sathish kumar

Yes that all looks fine, so now you need a developer to de-bug the code and tell you what is wrong because all of the leading transactions mean the error message makes no sense.

Hello AdamRoue,

Thanks for suggestion.

The thing is you know what, I have posted this issue in this blog after debugging this with developer. Unfortunately we are not able to get any clue through the debugging.

But again, I will sit with debugger and do R&D on this. Later I will log this issue to MS if I do not find anything.


Sathish kumar

You have not given the code or reference for the message, you have just given the message. Looking at your data you have x picked, x shipped and are being told the x has not been picked or shipped which is not true given the screen shots you have shown. The developer can then walk you through the code and tell you the logic it is calling and importantly where from. For example there could be a customization being impacted here.