Sales Order - Invoice comes before shipment

Hi All, Does anyone has clients who requires Sales Order with Items to be invoiced first before shipped? If yes, do you have a solution on how to go about it without any customization? As far as I know, using the G/L Account as the pre-invoice is one of the workaround but is there any other better ways to suggest? Please advise. Thanks.

Can they not just raise documetation for the invoice from the sales order (Pro-forma). I presume they don’t need the financial transaction of a an invoice to take place before they have shipped the goods. This could prove quite difficult as far as changing posting routines!

Thanks Andrew… Good suggestion! Unfortunately, it is not to produce the documentation as they need to update the Customer card with the Sales Invoice/Order amount. In standard navision, when you post a Sales Order, you have an option to Ship, Invoice or Ship and Invoice, right? They just wanted it to invoice only before Shipped. As far as I know that the features does not work as they will be a message of “Nothing to Post”… Anyway, thanks for the suggestion… Appreciated it!

Hi I had a similar case with a client. The solution proposed by Andrew is ok provided you take into account the security security aspect. You must be able to print out only one invoice. As for the accounting entries, usually the client account will be updated after the shipment of goods. Otherwise you can have a problem with your accounts as your COGS and sales will not reflect the true figure. See the FC for details. Regards Gary

Hi, First of all it is a wrong concept to invoice the goods without the shipment. It does not make any sense in the normal business/accounting flow and hence such an option is not available in Navision or for that matter any ERP product. However there may be instances wherein due to logistical reason the invoicing maybe done first and then the goods will be received/shipped. In such a case my suggestion would be to have a location called “Goods in Transit” wherein the items can be shipped and invoiced and subseqently an Item transfer journal can be used to transfer from the GIT location to the actual location. The item availability by GIT location will help to control the movement of such inventory. Cheers,

Thanks all! It’s great suggestions and advices. I really appreciate it. Actually, we did have that location “Goods in Transit” solution in mind and we have even proposed to client before unfortunately, to customer it is consider as tedious as they need to do additional job. Anyway, they have agreed to customization. [;)]