Sales order header - fixed exchange rate field


I noticed that the fixed exchange rate field on the Sales Order header is not doing what I expect - overwrite the exchange rate from the currency table.

Is there anybody who has more information about this field and how this feature is supposed to work?


Hi Ludwig,

You need to set the parameter “Use Exchange Rate From Source Document”. It is in Accounts Receivable>>Setup>>Accounts Receivable Parameters>>Updates>> Group for Ax2012 and for AX2009 the option is called “Use Exchange Rate” in Sales Ledger>>Setup>>Parameters>>Updates>>Invoice group.

Once this option is set, the exchange rate entered in the sales order header is used through the rest of the posting.



Hi All ,

what about purchase order ?

The field and funcitonality does not exist so there is no parameter setting for the purchase order. If the vendor has set the exchange rate you can reflect this on the processing of the invoice.

a) you mean to say that functionality is available for sales only . Does it availble for Journals like Cash receipt , cash payment , bank receipt , payment journals.

b) I gone through the Vendor , there i have option to select the currency code only , there is no functionality availble to enter the exchange rate in vendor card and Purchase order .

So how to change the exchange at purchase order level and explain the process.


Thanks. What about Free Text Invoice can it be done?