Sales order Discount

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I have a sales order of say 1000$ and i want to give the total discount on the sales order of 100$, how i can do this from the sales order. I dont want to use the Total % discount because it will give me the rounding off error figure. So i want to put the amount as the discount.

Do i have to create the sales agreement for 1 day (from and to date difference) or is there any different way by which i can achieve this.

Please guide me.

thanks in advance.

You can give the total discount only by percentage but not by value. How about adding a new line with a negative quantity and needed discount? I don’t how fit it is for financial practices.

How you wanted to do this with sales agreement? could you explain? Because, I don’t see a way of doing this using sales agreements.

in the sales agreement i will select the customer and the amount, and also “from” “to” date will be same like i am creating the sales order today i will make “from” and “to” today date as of today so that i will get expire today itself.

What u suggested to create the service item with -ve value, this i cannot because when i print the sales order this line will also printed. And also when it will not make effect on the cost of the item at the time of closing, if i use service item with -ve value (i believe) .

please advise me on the above.

Hey, Imran,

I dont want to use the Total % discount because it will give me the rounding off error figure. So i want to put the amount as the discount.

Did you checked whether you had that error so you’re trying to achieve this in different way ?

I guess It’ll not throw any error if you attach the total discount percentage in the your SO line Discount. I was able to invoice the SO.

Can you cross check you Rounding Set up in GL.

If you have rounding issues, and you do not want to enter a % for the whole order and do not want to do this by line and the customer will not alter what they want it is a customization.

hi Sakthiananth

thanks for ur reply.

I will give you the exact scenario, the total of the sales order is 1999900 and i am giving the discount of 99900, so the Discount % is 4.99524976248%, now can u guide me how i can do in the AX.


I’d say use your SO header discount for the entire discount of the total SO amount. if you’re specific for some lines of SO use the “Line Discount” fields for the total discount. I do not see any Rounding issue around there. Still you’re facing that issue than consider checking the Rounding setup in General Ledger. If you do not see any further scope of progress then I guess you need the customization there to achieve you goal.

The rounding issue is the percentage entry. 1999900 would have a 5% discount in the example, which is 99995, meaning a 00095 difference in discount.

Your options are modify it of add the 99900 as line discount amounts apportioned across the lines.