Sales Open Orders report - Where in NAV5?

Hi all!

I am trying to find an open orders report or some report which can be easily customised? Does anyone knows one in NAV?

IN fact we want to run a report which can give us for a specific or range of "sales orde creation or entry dates " ,

total sales per customer; per shipping dates, etc…


Look at “Sales & Marketing”, “Order Processing”, “Reports”, “Customer - Order Detail”.

That one should show what you need to know.

So I need some modifications to show only what orders have been entered on specific dates? I do not have that.



It depends on the data entry. The order date default to the workdate which in turn defaults to the system date. If the users are not overwritting this then you can filter on this.

There is no creation date as standard but would be easy to add and set in the ONINSERT trigger on the sales header.

Thanks Dave.

Glad to Help [:D]


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