Sales Invoice Report

I have created a Sales Invoice report from scratch as there was a lot of information on the original that we did not require, having played around with the original layout hiding columns etc. I had various problems with pagination and data not showing correctly but that’s not what I want assistance with here. I am using Report Builder and all the report data is fine, what I am having difficulty is showing the customer address on each invoice respectively, this information is within the header, if I simply drag on any of the customer fields then this shows the same customer on all invoices, there will be some kind of grouping that I need to apply to link the correct customer to each invoice. I was under the impression that I could just use a list as I can with report data but this doesn’t apply to the header.

Any help or pointers in the right direction will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

That’s totally a different concept altogether in NAV 2013 Reports. There’s a concept called GetData and SetData which handles this on which you have stuck right now. In the body part of the report and in the extreme top left corner you will find a hidden text box where you will find a code written on the visibility of the text box and that’s SetData, so you need to crosscheck that first.

There should be a Page Break on the Grouping too.

I can’t seem to see that anywhere, if it helps I am working on 206 - Sales Invoice, does this show up when I open the report in report builder?

That’s my bad, I have found it hidden behind the report data, thanks for your help.