Sales Invoice Posting Inconsistency Error

While Posting Sales Invoice i’m getting inconsistency error. I am using Indian Version Nav client. In 5.0 SP1 and 2009 SP1 verion same error while posting Sales Invoice.

  1. Select any customer with USD currency
  2. In Sales line select G/L account and fill other details.
  3. In 3rd line select type as " " and fill only description

When i try to post it is throwing inconsistency error. If i create another empty line posting is sucessfull. If empty line is 2,4,6,8… it is posting and if it is 1,3,5… then only it is throwing inconsistency error

Hi Samuel,

This looks like a customisation error, can you check if your objects have been modified in this area e.g. Tables 36,37 and codeunits 80,81,82, 12, 22…

Thank you for the quick reply. I have attached Sales Invoice details. This customer is having USD currency. If i try to post this particular invoice alone im getting an inconsistency error. Dont forget to create an empty line with description alone and try to post it. This i have checked in base Nav DB there is not customization in tat DB.


Hi Samuel,

You will need to get your partner to look at the modifications made to your system, as it would look, on the face of it, as if a modification is causing the error.