Sales Invoice hitting wrong Customer Ledger Account

Hello. You are going to think I am crazy, but this has happened three times in the last two days.

We have a user that inputs our Sales Invoices (Sales & Receivables > Invoices). We put in all of the necessary information (header & lines) and then Post.

Next we pull up the Posted Invoices for review. The Sell-to Customer No. is correct on the Genereal Tab. However, when we Navigate on the line the Source Type and Source No. are for a different customer. When we do a credit memo to correct the error and then repost they all have posted correctly the second time around.

Any ideas on what we could be doing wrong or what might have changed to cause this? We have been inputting sales invoices the same way for years and this is a new problem. We are currently on 2.6, but will be converting to 4.0 in a couple of months.

Thanks for your time and help.


check the customer card and see if there is a bill-to customer number entered, It is an option to have a sell-to with a different bill-to, and this is exactly what it would cause.


Thanks for the help. I checked the customer card and it seemed to be correct. I think what happened was the user somehow tabbed off of the General tab and onto the Invoicing tab when entering the invoices. We are not positive since all the transactions inputted today are working properly.

Thanks for you quick response and help,


Hi Kevin

If you look at the posted invoice this should show you the differing bill-to and sell-to customers, just so you know it was nothing behind the scenes or a little modification. [:D]

Steve thanks for the tip. I will definitely get to checking the posted invoices.


Try the copy document feature.

See if the system has the correct information as well. Perform a ZOOM (Ctrl+F8) and see all field values.
Did you have any mod.'s recently done? You may want to use the debugger to see if it hits any special coding you might have forgotten about.

on your sales order, if you change “sell to customer” you get a second message " do you want to change bill to customer" if you answer yes to the first and no to the second you’ll end up with a different customer on each. answer yes to both to get same cus on both tabs

Unless while u creating the customer itself u feel 2 ve same customer for both.u give the same customer no to the bill to customer no.Then it wont get problem.

But if u feel to ve seperate names… Thn no other way u should rem it.