Sales Delivery Remainder is not Working properly

Hi All,

Delivery Remainder is not working for newly created sales orders.But it is working properly for existing sales orders.

It shows some credit limit errors and deliver remainder is not getting updated and reduced.

Can you tell me how to solve this …?

For normal sales order (Accounts receivable > Common Forms > Sales Order Details )
Click on function >>deliver remainder…

Thanks in Advance…

Can you show us the errors? Is it an inter company sales order?

Hi kranthi,

Thanks for ur reply…It is a intercompany sales order…

It doesn’t looks like an error (its an info). I think the related inter company order status is not allowing to change the delivery reminder of this sales order.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for ur reply…
Can u tell me how to do the deliver remainder process this problem…
Is there any changes required in the basic setup(Like paramaeters…).

What is the status of the related inter company order line?


Open order.

Have you tired to debug?

Hi Kranthi,

I have tried…but it shows the warning continuously…Unable to close and use form…

Then exist AX and add break point in salesUpdatereminder form (in relevant methods) and see what is happening.

Hi kranthi
We debugged the Value of DeliveryReminder is process is done in class/TradeTotal/Calc …In this method they did some Custamisation …They use the Aot Query in SalesLine Table So only the Delivery Reminder is not Working Properly … Can U Tell me How to fix this Issue??

Not sure how would updating the delivery reminder will call the TradeTotal?

Hi Kranthi,
You are correct … When we call Trade Total “Class” the value is not change … Other wise the value is updated successfully …

Is that a customization? If so i may not be able to tell what exactly could be the issue without knowing the code.

I would suggest to debug and identify the exact problematic code.

Hi Kranthi,
Yes kranthi… Its CostomiZation only … Wait let me send you that code

Hi Kranthi,
while (this.nextLine(queryTransact))
orderLine = this.queryGet(queryTransact);//they did custamization in this method

Hi, It may not be possible to identify the issue by just looking at the code in all the cases and not knowing for what reason code has been written. That is the reason i have asked you to debug the code and find the problem.