Sales by Salesperson/Customer/Item Report

Dear All,

Where can i find this type of report?

Thanks for the help in advance[:D]


Dear Chy,

There is no such standard report.

But you can take the Customer/Item Sales report (113) and change it so that it’s sorted by Sales Person.

Hi, Sir Erik.

Thanks again for the reply.

I am currently using the Customer/Item Sales Report but i guess the salesperson code there is linked to the customer card salesperson code entry.

In our company, we have this situation: one customer account is being catered by different salesmen. Though we have assigned a salesperson in customer card but during sales order processing, we do replace it with the actual salesman who initiated the transaction.

Is there a way that we can link the salesperson code to the actual posted sales transaction (based on sales order processing)?


Of course there should be a way.

I am new in NAV, but I had worked with another ERP called SAGE, in which I used to make reports of the same nature of what have explained above



Sir TP,

Thanks for the confirmation.

Can you please teach me how to do it in Nav?

You should get a senior at your job to teach you these things. These forums are for specific questions.

Hi, all.

Thanks for all your the feedbacks…

Hi Chy,

You’re very new here on DUG, so I just want to explain you the back ground for Daniels comment.

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To sum it up: Everybody like to help you, but 1) We don’t like to do your job, 2) We expect that you received training in the area before you ask (either direct or eLearning). 3) The forums is not a replacement for a support agreement.

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Thanks for the guidelines, Sir Erik.

You’re welcome Chy, but you don’t need to call anyone here Sir or Mr. or so. We are all together in this community.