Sales And Marketing Module

Is there a way to convert a Quotation to a Sales Order in Standard AX functionality?

Or will some customization be needed for the same.

Also, I would like to know how to set up the Sales quotation Workflow in AX, post which after the confirmation of the Quotation I would want it converted to a Sales Order.

Is there some way to achieve the same in AX standard functionality?

Standard. Confirming a sales quotation would create a sales order.

There is no workflow for sales quotation in standard. It has to be developed.

See the list of available work flow types in AX 2012

It’s a standard feature of AX to convert quotation to SO. Try confirming a quotation, you will see the SO created automatically. No configurations required.

By default, workflow configuration is not available for quotation, you would need to approach your developer.

Thanks Kranti and Santosh, I confirmed the Quotation and the sales Order was automatically generated.