Sales analysis report

Hi everyone!

I want to have a report that shows all of my sales over a periode of time, like a year, that consists of all the months, or first, second, third, fourth quarter of a year, as columns, and shows my customers as lines, that I can export to Excel.

It’s kinda like the customer - top 10 list, but that has, in my opinion, the limitation of not being able to show different periodes next to each other, in order to compare them.

The problem isn’t exactly to make the report, but the problem is how to get the right values (which are: the total of sales for a certain customer, over a certain period), in the cells.

Hope someone can help me out here.

Hi Mike,

Look into report 109.
That shows the outstandig amounts for several periods at the same time.


Thanx for your reply, but that isn’t what I’m looking for. Not the outstanding amounts, but the total turnover per customer over a periode of time, is what I’m after.

Hi Mike,

I’m aware of that…
But it shows You how to create a report with multible columns for each customer, showing numbers from different periods.

So the methodology about creating the columns You want, You can see in report 109.
The dataprocessing You must create Your self.
(It should be fairly simple to modify report 109 to show the turnover instead of the outstanding amounts, since flowfields exist on the customer-table, for both of them)

If you are on version 4 you can use the analysis reports, not sure if the standard dimension analysis will give you what you want, but the analysis reports allow one to be built as you state with a trendscape view and an export to Excel written in.

Hi Adam,

I figured it out. I designed a analysis report which shows the total amount of sales per customer during a period.

From thereon I can export the report to excel and make it just the way I would like my report to be.