Safety Stock Journal warehouse wise


Is there any way to create safety stock journal warehouse wise?

In journal line inventory dimension is disabled. How to make enable inventory dimension.


Hi Experts,

Is any solution?


The warehouse should be a allowed for coverage. In the storage dimension group, for warehouse enable the “Coverage plan by dimension”…

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for prompt response. As per your suggestion, I enabled “Coverage plan by dimension” but its not enabling, its prompting the error " No dimensions group setup can be changed when transactions exist that use this setup unless the dimension group for an item is changed."

Is any solution to resolve the issue?

Once again thanks for your prompt response.


Some setups of dimensions group cannot be altered, if any item associated with that dimension group has inventory transactions.

But i don’t think the coverage group by dimension setup do have this kind of validation.

you can create another dimension group and can attach to the item. (if you are enabling some extra dimensions or removing the existing the dimensions for that item, you may require to close the existing transactions for that item).